I get it. You absolutely don’t want to miss out on photos of your newborn or family. It’s a big responsibility to your kids to record their childhood. But putting your trust in a stranger to create something that is true to who you are is nerve wracking!


You’re in just the right spot, friend!

That’s where I come in.

I work with fun-loving families who are looking for a full service photography experience that removes the guess work, is authentic to who they are, and delivers a finished product for their home.

  • I create photos you’ll be proud to show your grandchildren,

  • a session experience you’ll be excited to do again,

  • and design photo heirlooms that will make your heart swell every time you pass them in your home.

    My work is colorful, heartfelt, and artistic. I love to enhance your photos with golden sun rays, beautiful window light, and flowers and greenery of the season.

    With a degree in education and fine arts I combine the two fields to create a session experience that is family centered while delivering a product that is professionally handcrafted with care.




- My Values -

Authenticity: I work hard to stay true to myself and nurturing the natural strengths of my child. I love to create photo sessions that are true to who you are as a family rather than stuffy posed photos.

Awe & Wonder: It’s the small things in life that make me stop and stare with wonder. When we go on vacation I avoid the big tourist spots. I’d much prefer to rent a home and live like the locals away from the city. During your session I will capture all the small meaningful moments between your family.

Integrity: It’s important to me to put out in the world what I want from it. I don’t hesitate in apologizing to my daughter when I’m too stern or grumpy. We all have our bad days as parents but I want my daughter to learn that when you are wrong you make it right. I’m careful to not make quick judgements about others and to always treat service professionals with equality and respect. If you a client is ever not 100% happy with their photo experience I make it right.

Nurturing the best in others: My intuitive personality type is put to best use in nurturing roles where I can bring out the best in others.  I adore working with children no matter how challenging it can be at times.

*I only take 4 sessions/month to give each family high-end service. Don’t delay and getting your spot !



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