The Bruns Family {Columbus Family Photographer}

This last July I took a photography class through Click Photo School on the The Art of Lifestyle Photography taught by Seattle Family Portrait Photographer Elena S Blair.  This class blew my creative mind wide open. What we were learning resonated so strongly in me and what made it even more empowering was sharing the experience with other students on the online forum.  It was the kind of learning that made my whole body vibrate with creative anticipation. I made a connection with fellow family portrait artists in Ireland (shout out @melindagold !)  and watched the amazing progress of others from California, Mauritius, France, the PNW, and Sweden to name a few. Then there was Amanda who lived an hour from me in Springfield OH. After the class was over all the alumni from Elena's classes joined a forum and continued the learning and support we all felt so lucky to have found under the tutorship of Elena.  After one of Amanda's blog post's I wrote "If I were the Mother I'd be over the moon with this photo session".  She wrote back "Maybe we can do a family photo swap".  Im not sure how serious her comment was but I jumped on it.  Not only for the chance to have photos with me in them but to learn from being on the other side of the lens. There are a lot of fears to be assuaged when you are photographing someone. By having my own family photographed I hope to see what more I can do to make my family photo sessions easy and fun for everyone.  

Two weeks ago we met in Springfield at Buck Creek State Park for Amanda's family photo session. I knew from our email correspondence that she had five year old twins Libby and Noah, and 2 year old Ezra. The request was a simple one: She wanted fun, candid photos of her family that she was in.  The location was gorgeous and the kids were a dream. I ended up giving them nearly 100 photos in their gallery.  I would have thought photographing another photographer would have been nerve-wracking but it was just the opposite.  Maybe it was because she shared in my vision and could share in all the challenges and joys of family photography that you just can't describe, you have to experience.  Working as a family photographer it is often an experience of extremes.  When you are with the families you are in a place of high energy and emotion.  You're tuned into the complexities that make up each individual family.  Then you go home and are largely by yourself editing on your computer for the rest of the week.  It's quiet and sometimes lonely.  It's this forum that keep us all connected and supported during the down times or when you simply need a new set of eyes.  All us from the around the globe with the same passion and drive to give their clients images of their families full of connection, love, and authenticity.  It's our lifestyle.

Stay tuned for my family photos by Amanda Noel's Photography.

family portrait on trail in woods with laughing children
Black & white closeup family portrait
family portrait at beach with brush in foreground
closeup family portrait on beach
father with 3 children on beach
portrait of toddler holding a rock on a shoreline
candid image of a girl with her family on the shoreline pickup up rocks
Father holding his 2 children on the shoreline
a girl helping her little brother on the beach
Family of five walking away from the camera on the shoreline
Girl dancing in foreground with family in background
brother and sister sitting on a log at the beach
Portrait of a Mother and Son at the beach
Portrait of a Mother and Daughter on a trail in the woods
Portrait of a Mother and Daughter in the woods
Portrait of a Mother and young boy on the shoreline
Portrait of Mother and Father next to the beach
portrait of Husband and Wife laying down at the shoreline
Candid family portrait
portrait of young girl bending her head back
Portrait of a boy ducking under a pole
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