Newborn Charlie {Columbus Family Photography}

It was a beautiful crisp fall morning with the leaves at their peak when I walked up to the Schmidt home. To say I was high on anticipation was an understatement.  There is something magical about walking into a home with a newborn baby. It feels like a sacred space that you need to tip toe into as not too disturb the bonding and love.  

When I walk into their home my visual brain first notices their beautiful home with a perfect balance of modern and vintage. Gold framed vintage flower paintings next to simple black framed modern music posters, lots of well loved plants, and a space themed nursery accented with abstract art.  

Then I see newborn Charlie in his bassinet next to the piano. Newborns always surprise me at how teeny tiny they are. Even though Charlie is in no way a tiny newborn at nearly 10lbs. He is truly a beautiful newborn and it's hard to take my eyes off of him the entire visit. His almost 4 year old brother Henry is watching cartoons in the family room with his Dad.  Henry knows me as we have been friends with the Schmidts since before Jess and Tom met while being in the Columbus music scene. I made sure my presence was fully excepted with a box of Tidbits Donuts.  Jess is stunning with a glow you see woman have during their 2nd trimester rather than just having a baby.  She has large hazel eyes that are absolutely captivating, even more so as she is gracious with a quiet intelligence.  We talk about our toddlers in between shots who are 9 months a part.  It seems like I was just at their house visiting newborn Henry while newly pregnant with my daughter.

 They now have two boys who are destined basketball players and punk rock stars.  

Family portrait with newborn
newborn and toddler brother
newborn portrait with toddler brother
newborn portrait