Violet turns 3 {Columbus Ohio Family Photography}

I am a moment driven photographer who is easily dazzled by how natural light falls on my subject. Add emotion to the mix and my heart starts racing with creative anticipation. This Saturday morning promised to have all those aspects. We were having my daughter's 3rd Birthday. Why so emotional you say? There was the jumble of memories of her babyhood now gone, hopes for her future, and remembering everything it took to get us to this moment.

It was a beautiful crisp fall morning and perfect for a backyard brunch with close friends and family. Next year we will invite the whole gang of friends but this year we kept things small with just her best friend Audrey. My husband played records in the garage while they danced and took turns on the tricycle. Violet received her first vinyl album of classic children songs, a pair of crazy cute rainboots and educational toys galore. The adults sat backed and watched the girls, listened to records, drank coffee, and tossed the football. Our musician friend sang the Happy Birthday song on his acoustic guitar for Violet who swung her legs back and forth and grinned the whole time. I made Violet a dessert crepe rather than a cake since it was early in the day but it didn't go over so well.  She just poked at it and asked where the cake was.  Momma fail.  

Now onto year three of Motherhood. With Violet as my tour guide it will be quite the adventure.

child on yellow tricycle w