The Reno Family {Columbus OH Family Photography}

The Reno Family consists of a Mother with a Doctorate, a Father who is a successful Print Artist, and three incredible boys. The oldest speaks French, the second has the largest of personalities with big things ahead of him, and the youngest can sport one heck of a samurai bun. Becky and Clint have a strong set of values. From tickle wars to summer road trips outs west, all three boy's emotional bank accounts are full from the family-time their parents value.

An important part of my process is knowing my client's family values and what drives them day to day. I first get to know the family who hire me with a questionnaire. I strive to make emotion driven photographs with lots of connection. On the day of the photo session I am hyper aware of all their interactions that make them a family.  

I was awe-inspired from the first interaction I witnessed at the Reno household. Their second boy, Silas, was jumping on the bed when we were sitting down for the first photograph. Becky could have told him to sit down, but she grabbed his attention by explaining how a camera worked.  He loved the explanation of how jumping on the bed in a dark room would make a blurry photo. Silas was more than happy to sit so he wouldn't be blurry in the images. The Renos value respect and knowledge in their household and in turn their boys will grow up to value the same thing.  

Enjoy the Reno photo session shot both in their home and in a park nearby.

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