The Gerken Family {Cleveland Family Photographer}

I spent the weekend in Cleveland last month to photograph my dearest friend's families.  Like the Roth Family, the Gerken Family also had never had family photos done.  I get it.  It's not only an investment but it takes work to find a photographer that meets your needs and style. Once you find a photographer you might have to blackmail your husband and bribe your kids. Then you have to find a wardrobe for everyone that goes together but isn't too matchy. The day of the shoot you are anxious you are going to have a horrible hair day and praying the kids don't get sick. When choosing your Family Photographer look at not only their work but their customer service. You want someone who will help with the process and who works to build your trust.  With luck you will find a Family Photographer you love and can use year after year to document your growing family.

This blog post by Mpix is short and sweet with great tips on how to choose a family  photographer so you not only end up with photos you love but they make the process easy for you.

Ok, it's time to put your beauty blinders on 'cause this family of curly locks are gorgeous.