The Roth Family {Cleveland Family Photography}

I had to make an emergency trip to Cleveland last month when I found out close friends of mine had never had family photos done.  I felt compelled to remedy this travesty before the Holidays.  

Why you should hire a boutique (not a big box chain store) professional photographer to photograph your family:

  1. All the work is done for you:  From the location, to the right lighting, engaging your children, knowing how to pose you in the most flattering way, and even helping with your wardrobe.

  2. Professional quality editing and prints:  A professional photographer edits each of your photos with care using high-end software to make the images look gorgeous and you look your best.  I know I take deep pains in making sure colors and skin tones are correct.

  3. Dedication to you:  A professional photographer does their homework about your family before you meet.  During the hour or so of your photo session they are dedicated to making your experience fun while taking all the photos you had hoped to receive.  

  4. The biggest reason of all, LOVE : A really good professional photographer is a storyteller at heart. They capture the love and bonds you share with your children and spouse. When people look at your photos they will feel like they know you and can feel the connection and love between you.  That is the true difference between a snapshot and a professional photo.  It really has little to do with the big expensive camera but rather the LOVE and joy the professional photographer captures.

  5. Builds confidence in your children: Another powerful reason to have professional family photographs done and hung in your home is because studies have shown it can "help raise children with stronger confidence and worth in their abilities."  Kids see themselves in a photo of their family, displayed on the wall of their home, and are constantly reminded that they are a valued member of a family unit.  They see that love and connection between themselves and a parent and feel safe and protected.

  6. A timeless gift: Lastly, you simply can't find a better gift to give the Grandparents than loving photos of their children and grandchildren.

 When the kids are grown you are going to want good quality photos of everyone together, looking their best, engaged and happy together. If you hire a good photographer it will be a treasured time together.  Stay tuned to another blog post on how to find a family photographer that is right for your family.

Enjoy some of my favorites from the Roth Family Photo Session.  It was such a special evening together.  I know Henry's Grandparents are going to be receiving some much anticipated Christmas gifts this year ;).


Resources: Denise Williams Photography , Family Photography Sydney, and Design Aglow

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