The Miron Family {Dayton Ohio Family Photography}

To meet the Miron Family is to love them.  Many would call them an inspiration family.  One FB post from a friend said  "They need to make a movie about your family.... It is a true love story!!!".  

I was excited  for a week before their photo session knowing I'd capture something special with this family.  They embody the authenticity and unconditional love I try to capture in all my family photo sessions. I met the 4 Mirons at a secluded part of Hills & Dales park. We were surrounded by wild flowers, a pond, a forest of tall trees on all sides, a babbling brook, and the sky was divided with storm clouds in the east and a setting sun in the west.  Josh pointed out wild life to Greta and Otto in between shots and I marveled at their love from behind my viewfinder. The rain clouds emptied on us half way through our shoot so we ran laughing to a shelter.  I knew this carefree, fun family would be game when I put them back out in the rain to take more photos.  

 Jess, Greta & Otto's beautiful Mother, said the photo shoot "(was) so laid back and almost like we were hanging out... it was great!!"  I look forward  to hanging out in years to come to take more family photos of this inspirational family.

If you own a RV and are in the Dayton area stop by Josh & Jess's business, The RV Clinic, where they make repairs and refurbish vintage RVs.