May Days {Columbus Family Photography}

If you were to run into me at the park or market you will be sure to find me with my pink camera bag over my shoulder. I have finished my 5th month of shooting daily in a 365 project, documenting our daily life. As a parent it's so important to find some hobby or passion you love otherwise you give too much of yourself and the days can just blur together. Photography keeps me awake in life. I am always watchful of my surroundings and ready for the next beautiful moment to capture. Moments that may not be truly appreciated by the people involved until years later.  

Ive taken on more photography projects for the rest of year that I can't wait to share with you all.  Why so many projects? They allow me to experiment outside my comfort zone, meet new photographers from all over the world, and most surprisingly I've learned a lot about myself. I intend to blog much more this summer and fall with lots of fun projects I've started and family sessions I'll be doing. Here are my favorites from my daily 365 project this month. 

June Blog #3-2.jpg
June Blog #4-2.jpg

I've joined another photography group called the #colorchasechallenge where we assign a color for every month to photograph. We then make a fun grid of all the photos we took of that color at the end the month. My first month was the rainbow and now I'm working on yellow for the month of June. Here is my May rainbow grid:


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