Professional Prints vs. Digital Files


Are digital files providing you with the most value from your photos?

If you have ever had any of these thoughts after having a photo session where you only received digital files then you may love a full service experience.

  • “Four years ago our photographer sent me amazing JPEG files; what do I do with them now?!”

  • “All I have from my photo session is a bunch of files that I tried to print – they look awful!”

  • “The pictures I try to print and frame myself never look right on our walls.”

  • “I don’t even know where to start choosing photographs!”

  • “I’ve been in my new home for a year and my walls are still bare.”

  • “The photography sessions we’ve had in the past never turned into anything tangible.”

  • “There are so many books and albums out there; how do I know what to choose?”

  • “How should I protect my images so my kids have a family legacy?”

After the first 2 years of being in business, and only providing digital files with the session fee, I knew I needed to make a big change. I found the process of giving all the digitals, with a few instructions on how to print, extremely lacking for my clients. I would ask a client how they printed their photos a year after their session, and 90% of the time they would sheepishly tell me they never got around to it. On the small chance they did print I felt bad because I know I could have helped them design better products to fit their home and style. It’s not my client’s responsibility to know my ultimate vision for their photos and how they would best look printed. It’s like a chef giving you the ingredients and a few recipe instructions. When the chef does not make the meal with their expertise, using their high end kitchen tools, and serving you in their restaurant, it’s just not the same.

I want to challenge you to expect more from your family photos.


Expect more from your family photos

I don’t want the families who hire me to walk away with only a flash drive or online gallery. It would be so much easier for me to send you on your way with the files. But a digital file experience is not what’s at the heart ❤️ of my business. I am a family historian and print artist. I don’t believe my art is complete until it is printed and my client has tangible print art to enjoy daily and to pass down through their family. Plus most families don’t know all the amazing possibilities for the printed photograph we have today! What do you picture when you think of the printed photograph? If it’s only loose 5x7’s, a photo book from Shutterfly, and maybe a 8x10 on your wall then your mind will blown on what your missing out on! Check out my Gallery Wall Pinterest Board for inspiration.


Print products that will become your family legacy

I’ve taken countless classes over the last year to provide you with my expertise in home printing. Printing is an art in and of itself with it’s own high end software, products, and skill set. I’m now able to provide you with a line of family & newborn print art that gives you a variety of options to fit your style and needs, but not so many options it’s overwhelming. The family friendly products I provide are truly one of kind and not something you could order at an online retailer. I’m constantly re-evaluating my line of products to provide you the best experience possible. The products I offer would fit great in a Crate & Barrel show room with style options from the traditional, modern rustic, fun and whimsical, to edgy and bold. I bring my studio to you for a truly unique experience. GO to my Products Page to learn more. Stay tuned for images of my new frame line, new photo books, and framed canvas that is simply stunning.

So what is a Print & Design Appointment like?


This is not a Sears Photo Studio Experience

I have designed a printing experience that is something you can truly look forward to. Even your husband will love it! It is not based on the Sears Photo Studio model of going to a studio and trying to choose which 5x7’ and 8x10’s you want to frame without any interior design instruction from the photographer. And the print options I have available far exceed anything you could purchase at your local Target.

The process you go through is akin to having an HGTV interior designer come to your home. When we meet for your Print & Design Appointment to order your prints I will use professional software to show you pre designed proofs of wall galleries and/or albums that I know you’ll like after getting to know your style and personality. You will simply okay the design or make small changes. You won’t arrive to order your prints and feel overwhelmed. The system I created allows you to choose your products with ease and confidence.


Your photos are curated to fit your needs

Since putting print art at the heart of my business I have become a much stronger photographer with higher standards. When I was only providing an online gallery I had no responsibility to my client that their prints would convert well to print. Looking good on your computer does not mean they will look good in all printed formats. The pre consultation you have before your session allows me to know what print art you are interested in before I take a single photo. With this information I can photograph to specifically fit the design and frame ratios of the wall gallery and/or album you want. Otherwise you may get stuck with all horizontal photos when you want to use vertical frames. Or you may want a large family portrait but all the photos that you got are taken too close up so your heads look huge when printed in a large format. There are SO MANY details like this you wouldn’t think of until faced with the problem. That is not the experience I want to leave my families to deal with on their own.


Does all this sound expensive?

Does this change in my business make me more expensive? Sure. But you receive so much more plus the value of my expertise and guidance. It can be a waste to go through all the effort to do family photos and then let the flash drive get thrown in a drawer never to see the light of day again. Or worse losing the photos because the technology has become obsolete or you have a computer crash. Plus the $$ you spend on me to create one of kind print art will only grow in value over the years. The couch or TV you spend 3k on this year will most likely be put on the curb with a free sign attached to it in 10 years. But the prints of your family today will be priceless to you in 10 years when your kids are leaving for college.

Digital files certainly have their value but should be secondary to the main purpose of receiving printed art.


What if I want to share my photos on social media?

Digital files have their value so I always provide social media copies for this reason. I understand you may want to share them on social media and maybe make use them on a holiday card or a school project. I also want you to have digital copies of your favorite photos on the rare chance your print is damaged in a flood or fire.

I want my clients to enjoy sharing their photos on social media with their friends and family. But I encourage you not to make them the main item you are getting from your family or newborn photo session. Digital files are best as a secondary add-on purchase rather than the main item you receive. Too often as a busy Mom your photos will get shared once on social media, maybe used on a holiday card, and then forgotten in a drawer. The time it takes to choose the photos you want to print and then try to choose the right product from the zillion online retailers is totally overwhelming and time consuming.


Call me for a consult to see if you can get excited about the experience and products I provide

Limited portrait commissions are taken each month in order to ensure that each client receives one-on-one attention. Don’t wait to call for your consultation. Then get excited to take your home decor to the next level and begin your family’s legacy in photographs.


"We knew what an amazing and gifted photographer Emily was before we did the session but our experience exceeded our hopes for a family photo shoot. We enjoyed comfortable and natural poses and the children were able to be themselves. She captured our family's love and tolerance as well as our individual personalities perfectly. Emily is also a very talented editor; we love her use of sunshine in each picture. …By using her impressive interior design intuition and receiving framed and matted photos, we are able to decorate our walls with style and family love!…I recommend her to everyone I meet!” -Meghan Syverson