Best Portrait Photographers In Columbus

You got mail! I received an especially amazing email from Expertise notifying me that I was named one of the best portrait photographers in Columbus!! “We chose you out of 269 providers in your area based on 25 variables across the following six criteria: ReputationCredibilityAvailabilityProfessionalism, and Experience. If you’re here, it’s because your business is among the best.” 💃🤩🥳

Expertise is a national website that helps you find the best experts in your local area. Their About Page reads, “Finding the right highly-skilled professional takes significant time and effort, including in-depth research, detailed comparisons, and deciphering which online reviews are reliable and authentic. Expertise features only objectively quantified and qualified professionals hand-picked by our selection process. We do the research to understand what’s important when searching for experienced professionals — whether dentists, attorneys, or roofers — so our readers trust that when we say a company is one of the best, it is.”

If you are interested in the full service photography experience I provide, please go to the “Schedule A Consultation” button above. You’ll receive custom designed prints that provide connection for generations and a full service experience so parents can relax and kids can let their best selves shine.

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