Welcome to a new brand of school portraits!

I am excited to have the opportunity to provide Dublin Community Preschool with a new brand of school portrait. My goal is to provide a better and more personal experience to all the families who attend the schools who have chosen me to photograph their children.

What is a fine art school portrait?

Fine Art School Portraits are a modern approach to school photos. No more cheesy smiles with strange backgrounds. The background will be black and the photos will be simple and classic. Instead of forcing a cheesy grin, the children will be encouraged to be themselves and will never be forced to smile. With the use of natural light, a beautiful portrait lens, and a clean background the focus is completely on your child for an artistic and genuine portrait.

When will Emily Dowell Photography  be at my school?

March 5-8. Your teacher will inform you which day your child will be photographed. You are NOT required to make an order before seeing your proofs.  

What should my child wear?

Please avoid graphics or neon clothing. Photos are taken from the chest up. Details around the collar and shoulders of a child's shirt look great with this type of portrait. Please contact Emily Dowell Photography if you have any questions. Go to my Facebook Business Page to see my post on wardrobe do's and don't's.

Are siblings welcome?

Siblings are welcome! Your teacher will provide you with the procedure for bringing in additional children for sibling portraits.

How will I order?

Within two weeks of your child’s photo day, you will be e-mailed the link to a class proofing gallery. There will be 2-5 images of each child. Images will be in both color and black and white. I do not choose which photos you print; you do. You will be able to order prints, canvas wraps, and digital files directly from the viewing gallery. The ordering process is simple and secure. The gallery will be live for seven(7) days. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED IN THAT SEVEN DAY PERIOD.

When will I receive my photos?

4 weeks after the last day of ordering.

10% of profits will go back to your school!

Price List

*All collections come with a complimentary 5x7 class photo*

Collection {A} $20.00 (2) 5x7, (4) wallets 

Collection {B} $25.00 (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7, (8) wallets

Collection {C} $25.00 (1) 11x14 (8) wallets
* Collections are for ONE image. May not combine images.

Additional Prints:
Additional Class Photo 5X7 $10.00, 8 wallets $10.00

1 4X6 $6.00
1 5x7 $8.00
2 5x7 $10.00
1 8x10 $10.00
1 11x14 $20.00

1 16x20 $30.00

Digital Files:

One high resolution digital file = $30.00  

Your child's entire gallery = $60.00.

Sibling gallery add-on = $30 when added onto purchase of entire gallery of one child ($90 total)

Sibling gallery = $45 

Retouching: To remove scratches, blemishes, and boogies it is $5 per digital file and $25 for the entire gallery. We will be doing are best to clean up faces before each child's portrait.

Canvas Gallery Wraps:

8x10 | $50.00

11x14 | $63.00

16x20 | $78.00

*Additional sizes and products may be available upon request. Just ask! I'll do my best to get you what you need.

*Prices do NOT include tax

*No added shipping charges