Fine Art School Portraits

Pop-Up Mini Sessions!

Artistic. Genuine. Candid.

Maybe your child missed photo day at school this year, you didn't like your child's school photos,

or you loved your child's Fine Art School Portrait and want sibling portraits done in the same style. 

Whatever your reason you won't regret commemorating your child's

school year with timeless, genuine and frame worthy portraits.

These are the BEST pictures we have had of our son EVER.
Absolutely adorable! I love our pictures, photographer did such a great job
Parker and Adelyn’s sibling pictures are amazing! We were shocked!!


When: February 5th, 6th, and 7th

Where: Chromedge Studios, 289 W. Walnut St. Columbus OH 43215

Cost: $45 *deposit to reserve your spot (you will then receive a $45 voucher towards your digital file or print order)

Viewing and Purchasing: You will receive a private gallery of images in both color and black and white. From your gallery you will be able to purchase digital files, prints, and canvases.

*If you are reserving more than one spot for multiple children you will only be charged once for the $45 deposit

Print Price List

Collection {A} $20.00 (2) 5x7, (4) wallets 

Collection {B} $25.00 (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7, (8) wallets

Collection {C} $25.00 (1) 11x14 (8) wallets
* Collections are for ONE image. May not combine images.

Additional Prints:
8 wallets $10.00

1 4X6 $6.00
1 5x7 $8.00
2 5x7 $10.00
1 8x10 $10.00
1 11x14 $20.00

1 16X20 $30.00

Digital Files:

One high resolution digital file = $30.00  

Your child's entire gallery = $60.00

All files of more than one child = $110 

Retouching: To remove scratches, blemishes, and boogies it is $5 per digital file (or print) and $25 for the entire gallery. We will be doing are best to clean up faces before each child's portrait.

Canvas Gallery Wraps: 

8x10 | $50.00

11x14 | $63.00

16x20 | $78.00